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Onver: Taxi Booking App

ONVER Smart Taxi is a new service in Nepal that aims to improve and optimize the taxi user experience. ‘Onver Smart Taxi’ is an app innovated by Erasoft Solution for reserving taxi in Nepal which incorporates features – taxi tracking, route management, time, distance and cost estimation. Onver Smart Taxi successfully incorporates cutting edge technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS), smart phones and digital mapping with internet and messaging to operate its features.

Onver smart taxi can be used as part of city management. It can be used by various organizations for various purposes. The purposes range from vehicle management by traffic authorities to tourism promotion by the government. Onver Smart Taxi is a technological breakthrough in conventional way of taxi management system.

Smart app providing smart services:

  • Safe: Licensed drives and trackable taxi rides.
  • Certain: Know the estimated metered fare before booking a taxi.
  • Fast: Find out the booking status within a minute.
  • Taxi Info: One can get the driver’s details (name, mobile number, vehicle registration number and photo) once booking is confirmed.
  • One can even rate the driver.

How to use?

  • Download the app from the google play Click to download  or Apple store
  • Install in your device
  • Open the app and activate account by filling up the details.
  • Enjoy booking and  Enjoy the ride!

Contact Details:

Tinkune, Subidhanagar,Kathmandu