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Why Onver Smart Taxi?

  • Safe: Licensed drivers and trackable taxi rides.
  • Certain: Know your estimated metered fare before you book a taxi.
  • Fast: Find out your booking status within a minute.
  • Get your driver’s details (name, mobile number, vehicle registration number and photo) once your booking is confirmed.
  • Rate your driver.

How to use

  • Download and activate the app.
  • The app auto detects your location and sets it as your Pick-Up.
  • Key in your Drop-Off point.
  • Get a booking confirmation within a minute. You’ll get the driver’s details soon after.
  • Watch as your driver moves towards you.

Enjoy your ride !





Why us?

  • Safe: Register riders are allowed to ride a taxi.
  • Certain: geo-map of pickup point to drop point.
  • Fast: Find out your booking status within a minute.
  • Get your rider's details
  • Rate your passgenger.

How to use

  • Download and activate the app.
  • Log on to app and wait for request.
  • When request received press GREEN button to accept and RED button for Reject request
  • Make a call or press message button for confirmation to rider.
  • Watch as your rider moves towards you.

Enjoy your trip!




Welcome to Onver Smart Taxi

Smart Taxi For Smart People

Our vision is to develop applications that make changes in the conventional way of doing things. Transportation and Education are two most important pre-requisite for the development of any country. Easier access to transportation and education is what a country needs to develop its human resources for the development of other sectors. We have dedicated ourselves in improvising the means of transportation and education. We have realized that no sector can be managed better without incorporating Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in it. So, transportation and education cannot be the exceptions. We are a team of professionals dedicated in the development of various software products mostly comprising of education and transportation management tools. We have experience of working with a larger area of governmental organization, school

community and private organizations. We have understood our responsibility toward society. We have utilized our services mainly on solving fallback of prevalent system.
Our public transportation system has evolved through number of trials and changes. None of the changes has become successful in transforming the system into a sustainable system. The various organs of our transportation system are seen unsystematic, poorly coordinated and disorganized. The prevalent system is unable to answer the questions raised by the problems.
Erasoft Solution has come with a strong solution for managing the problems faced by one of transportation sector- taxi. Taxi is an inseparable part of urban transportation. It comprises almost one fourth of vehicular movement on the road. Despite being such a big chunk of vehicular movement on the road, it has not

got better solution of its management, which in turn, is troublesome to its stakeholders. The solution provides an innovative idea to the all the stakeholders of taxi sector for solving the problems faced by each of them. ‘Onver Smart Taxi’ is an innovation that incorporates features – taxi tracking, route management, time, distance and cost estimation. Onver Smart Taxi successfully incorporates cutting edge technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS), smart phones and digital mapping with internet and messaging to operate its features. It can be used as part of city management. It can be used by various organizations for various purposes. The purposes range from vehicle management by traffic authorities to tourism promotion by the government. Onver Smart Taxi is a technological breakthrough in conventional way of taxi management system.

icon Accessible

The ONVER app automatically pinpoints your location to provide true door-to-door service. That means you stay safe and comfortable wherever you are until an ONVER Smart Taxi arrives. No more waiting alone on a dark street hoping you can hail a taxi. You fingertip does all what you need to.

icon Reliable

The ONVER app makes a two-way confirmation of service between provider and taker. The riders gets information about the taxi before they get into it. The information includes details of taxi, duration and destination. The smart technologies like GPS make sure of reliability of information.

icon Safe

Making sure you always have a safe, relaxing ride starts before you even get in an ONVER Smart Taxi. You’ll see your driver’s name, taxi number, photo, and rating when your request is confirmed — so you know who’s picking you up ahead of time. And after the trip, you’ll still be able to contact the driver in case you leave something behind.

Smart Services

When you open the application, a map appears with a red pin defining your current location. If you press on the Green Smart Icon, your pickup location will be your current location by default. Should you desire the taxi to meet you at a nearby different location than your current\default one, just long-press on the map on the desired point; a “Bleu” pin will appear and when you press on the “Green Smart Icon” to confirm your request, the position of the Bleu pin will be sent to the taxi as your desired pickup location.

Once your request is accepted by a taxi, you will be notified & the information of your taxi will appear on the top of your screen; the info contains driver’s photo, driver’s name, taxi number, model & colour. A calling button appears on the left of the taxi info banner.

An orange pin will appear on your map showing the position of your booked taxi. A green line will appear between your pickup location & the taxi’s position, depicting the best route for the taxi to reach your pickup location. You will be able to track in real-time the position of the taxi as he drives towards you. You can also read the ETA inside the smart icon.

At any time in the request you feel the need to call your taxi, just click on the “Calling Icon” on the left-top of the screen and a call to your driver will be initiated.

At every step of your request, you will receive a proper notification to update you on the status of your request:

  1. When we find & book you a taxi,
  2. When your taxi is 1 minute away so you get ready,
  3. When your taxi has arrived,
  4. When your taxi has been waiting for you,
  5. When unfortunately we could Not find you a taxi or if he cancelled your request."


What is ONVER Smart Taxi?

ONVER Smart Taxi is a new service in Nepal that aims to improve and optimize the taxi user experience. This application allows users to get in only few clicks on their smart phones.

How does it work?

By using Geo-localization tools, we scan for the nearest available taxi in the user’s position, we book the taxi and send it to the selected pick-up location.

Where does it work?

Our aim is to cover most of the major cities in Nepal. For time being, we have started this service in Kathmandu.

What phones can be used?

Presently, ONVER Smart Taxi can be used on only Android phones. The iOS and Windows versions of this app are under development and will be online soon.

Does it work on all smart devices?

It works on a smart device with GPS, Internet connection (WiFi or GPRS) and Push notification enabled.

What does it cost?

ONVER Smart Taxi is 100% Free of charge; just download it on your phone and start using it.

Why should I register?

By registering to ONVER Smart Taxi, you will enable the taxi driver to contact you after he accepts your request. By registering to ONVER Smart Taxi, you will help us reduce spammers and miss-use of the app in order for us to be able to provide you with the best quality of service.

Who will see my number?

ONVER Smart Taxi is bound not to share your information with 3rd party. Taxi Drivers will see your number only after they have accepted your request to enable them to call you if needed.

How do I download ONVER Smart Taxi?

If you have an Android Phone, go to Google Play, search ONVER Smart Taxi and accept the terms and conditions and download.

How much does it cost to download the app?

ONVER Smart Taxi is 100% Free of charge.

Do I have to call or send SMS to the driver?

You don’t have to call or send SMS anymore; your taxi is just few clicks away. Just chose your pick-up location, confirm your request and the taxi will be on the way.

Can I order more than one taxi?

For the time being, you can only request one taxi per each order.

Can I order an ONVER Smart Taxi to the airport?

Sure you can, you can order a taxi anywhere in a city we are present in.

No Internet Connection

Since ONVER Smart Taxi requires internet, if you start your application without internet connectivity, a message pops up asking you to go to settings and enable Data or WiFi. You will have two options, to go to settings and enable connectivity or exit application.

Not able to find your location

Since Smart Taxi requires your location, if you start application without GPS on, a message pops up asking you to enable GPS services. You will have two options, to go to settings to enable GPS or Exit application.

City not covered

If you start ONVER Smart Taxi in a city not covered yet by our services, a message pops up informing you of that.

No taxi available

After you place your request, ONVER Smart Taxi will scan your area for available taxi, should there be no taxi, a message pops up apologizing and asking you to place a new request later

Taxi nearby

When your taxi is nearby your pick-up location, you will receive a message asking you to get ready

Taxi arrived

When your taxi arrives at pick-up location, you will receive a message informing you of his arrival and asking you to call him should you not find him

Taxi waiting

If your taxi has arrived and waiting for you for 4 minutes, you will receive a message asking you if you want him to wait or cancel your request

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